We combine our vast experience and knowledge in several sectors such as: Logistics, Food, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Automobile, Footwear and Wood in order to develop a wide range of mechanical, electric and electronic solutions. Always in the pursuit of excellence in terms of customer satisfaction.


Results oriented

In order to ensure an efficient future service for our customers as well as stability for our collaborators.



Our main foundation lies on our people, their experience and technical skills, as well as their personal and professional development, respect and trust.


Satisfaction guarantee

A crucial element to ensure success.


We constantly question what we do in an attempt to apply creative ideas that allow us to innovate in a flexible and practical manner.


It is present and remains with all our team members, both internal and external, and driven by our philosophy to strive towards daily improvement.


We collaborate together in order to achieve common goals by sharing information, knowledge and experience.

Building the future

We are a company specialising in industrial process automation. We design, manufacture and market specialised equipment.

At Andine Manutencion, we employ highly qualified staff to work at our R&D+i, «PLC» programming and assembly departments. In this manner, we are able to provide a comprehensive equipment development service, including onsite launch.

Where we have worked

desde 2009

Clients who trust us 

Andine Manutencion S.L
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